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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Plane Geometric Figure Problem 3

This is a Algebra plane geometric figure problem as asked by an anonymous visitor which read, "catrina and tom want to buy a rug for a room that s 14 by 15 feet. They want to leave an even strip of flooring uncovered around the edges of the room. How wide a strip if they buy a rug with an area of 110 square feet?"

 Plane Geometric Figure Problem 3 Solution Here!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Number Problem 14

This is an Algebra number word problem which was asked by an anonymous visitor that read, "55 bowls of the same size capacity of food.
1. everyone gets their own bowl of soup
2. every two gets one bowl of spaghetti to share
3. every three will get one bowl of salad
4. all r required to have their own helping of salad, spaghetti, and soup."

Number Problem 14 Solution Here!

Finance Problem 4

In this Algebra finance word problem a anonymous user asked, "An administrative assistant orders cellular phones for people in her department. The brand A phones cost $89.95 and the brand b phones $34.95.If she orded 3 times as many brand b phones as brand a phones at a total cost of $584.40, how many of each did she order?"

Finance Problem 4 Solution Here

Finance Problem 3

This is a Algebra finance word problem asked by an anonymous user which read, "Alex has made 42 of the 48 payments he owes on his car but is having trouble continuing to make the payment in full. He has made an arrangement with the bank to pay 2/3rds of his monthly payment, rather than the entire payment, every month. How many months will it take Alex to pay off his car loan with this new payment arrangement?"

Finance Problem 3 Solution Here

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Algebra Help

If you have a general Algebra question I just put up a new blog site which is a work in progress where you can ask general Algebra questions or review.  Fractions, percentages, equation manipulation, binomial formula, completing the square,  etc.  You can check out the Algebra Help 101 blog site here.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Number Problem 13

This is a algebra number problem asked by an anonymous poster which read, "A maths test contains 10 questions. Ten points are given for each correct answer and three points deducted for an incorrect answer. If Ralph scored 61, how many did he get correct?"

Number Problem 13 Answer Here!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Age Problem 8

This is a age algebra word problem that was asked by Joshua that read: "A man is 4 years older than his wife and 5 times as old as his son. When the son was born, the age of the wife was six-sevenths that of her husband's age. Find the age of each."

Age Problem 8 Answer Here!

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