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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Work Problem 1

In this Algebra work problem, Dan wants to hire a worker to do his lawn. He only has 6 hours to have it done. The 1st lawn care guy named Steve said it would take 9 hours to do the job, and the 2nd guy Joe said he would take 10 hours to do the job. If Dan hires both, and assuming they get the same amount of work done together as they would individually, how long would it take them to get the lawn done together?

Work Problem 1 Solution

1 comment:

  1. Let the work done by first worker in 1 hr be w1 and the second worker be w2.

    Therefore, for this particular job, we can say, w1 = 1/9 and w2 = 1/10.

    So when they work together, their work/hr = (1/9 + 1/10) = 19/90

    Hence the time taken by them to finish the job = 90/19 = 4.74 hrs approx, which is well before Dan's deadline of 6 hrs.


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