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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Age Problem 4

In this algebra age word problem we have "A man is 27 years older than his son and 10 years from now, he will be twice as old as his son. how old is each now?" This was a question asked by a visitor on the "Algebra Word Problem Help" post.

Age Problem 4 Solution


  1. Sorry you are off by 10 --- on the fathers age... "A man is 27 years older than his son"

    27 + 17 = 44

  2. twice the aged of the father..
    so 17+17=34+10=44

  3. thanks for posting this! gonna hae finals tom. lol just refreshing my memory i totally forgot all of this ^^

  4. Four years ago, Pinky was 4 times as old as Rosie. In ten years, she will be two years younger than twice the age of Rosie. How old are they now?

  5. x+27+10 is the mans age 10 years from now.
    x+10 is his sons age 10years from now.
    17+27+10=54 is the mans age
    17+10= is his sons age


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