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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Time and Distance Problem 10

In this algebra time and distance word problem a anonymous commenter asked the following under the ask your own question post ....

"Junior's boat will go 15 miles per hour in still water. If he can go 12 miles downstream in the same amount of time as it takes to go 9 miles upstream then what is the speed of the current?"

Time and Distance Problem 10 Solution


  1. I really like this site. As a current Algebra teacher, I think my students can really benefit from this site when they have questions. These types of problems are always frustrating and confusing for students, but having a site like this to come to and get help from is great!

  2. Thanks! Appreciate the compliment.

  3. Great site. I was just checking math Blogs that can benefit my K-12 students.

  4. Glad you like it .. Spread the word!

  5. corny theres no other answer?

  6. How many answers would you expect? Is that kind of like 5 X 5 = 25 being corny because their are no other answers? lol


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