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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Math Word Problems Demystified

This is my review for a highly recommended book for learning how to solve math word problems including those that deal with Algebra.

The book breaks down all the popular word problem types starting out with word problems using whole numbers then moving on to cover those using decimals, fractions, percents, and finally onto Algebra related word problems.

With Algebra Math Word Problems Demystified covers the popular Algebra word problem types including: number, digit, coin, age, distance, mixture, finance, lever, and work problems. You will definitely know what your doing after covering these topics.

The book also touches word problems using system of equations and quadratic equations. Each chapter carries a test of your progress with answers to check your work along with a final exam over the entire book. 5 Stars. Definitely recommended.

For a direct link to get this word problem book off amazon click on the picture of the book, or go here to get Math Word Problems Demystified. Using this book in combination with this site will make you a master at these types of Algebra word problems. Guaranteed!

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